About Milder Musical Arts

Founded in 1978 as Yamaha Music School, Milder Musical Arts (formerly Beverly Milder’s Musical Arts) has grown to over 600 students. Our success is attributed to our amazing teaching staff of music degreed teachers and our enduring philosophy: We teach the joy and love of learning music.

The school has always been committed to the proper education of music to young students. Young children, ages birth – 5, begin in the research based early childhood program, Music Together®. When children are 4 to 5 years old their families may choose to join a Junior Jammers class that explores piano, guitar and percussion and which moves them into the nationally known Harmony Road Music Curriculum – keyboard/singing classes for children in Pre – K through 2nd grade.

We also offer private lessons in piano, voice, violin, piano/voice combination and guitar. These lessons are for those seeking one-on-one attention, and will produce the best and most sound results, at the highest rate. These lessons are offered to anyone, from beginners to those seeking professional concert preparation.

Programs for all ages and abilities

As a school for students of all ages, the goal of Milder Musical Arts is to provide students the skills they need to enjoy music for their entire lifetime. The music school teaches students from the beginner to extremely advanced stages. Students can start here and stay here.

Learning music is lifelong, and it’s never too early or too late to start learning. We celebrate our older beginners and guide them along the path to reaching their musical goals. Parent and child can learn together – and with our Music Together classes, even your baby can attend!

Concurrent scheduling for busy families

MMA saves your family’s time by scheduling your family with different teachers at the same time. Between the pressure of homework, sports and family time, many parents can be overwhelmed trying to fit in all the activities. MMA conveniently offers classes daily from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. and all day Saturdays. With today’s busy schedules, this is invaluable to the parent with many children going in different directions.

Learning at a music school provides great motivation

Nearly 100 students attend MMA daily. Students are surrounded by music and see so many other students that music lessons are viewed as a popular activity. This nurturing musical environment creates a community that benefits students. These students motivate each other with their enthusiasm, friendship and curiosity. Seeing others in the halls and hearing music through the doors encourages students to keep learning and strive to reach their full potential.
Faculty devoted to students

Simply put, Milder Musical Arts teachers are trained professionals who love teaching! This is not their “side job” to make a little extra money – this career is their primary focus.

All teachers who work at MMA are employees of the school. Because our teachers are offered payroll benefits, the school is able to hire the best teachers. A large staff allows us to match students with the teachers who best meet their needs.

Choice of more than one teacher.

Because we have taught music for more than 30 years, we know that each student has a different personality and a different way of learning. With our staff of top-quality teachers, you can be sure that we will find the best fit for you and your student.
University trained and degreed music teachers

University trained and degreed music teachers

Playing well does not mean one can teach well. Remember that teaching, like performing, is an art. Be sure that you are getting the instruction that is worth the time and effort you are putting into it.
Our teachers are students too

Our teachers are students too

Hiring university degreed teachers provides a synergy that is unique to MMA. Our teachers work as a team. They share ideas and enroll in ongoing education to find the best musical techniques to help MMA students enjoy the best educational experience.

Our teachers not only enjoy teaching, they enjoy each other. Many have mentored new teachers. All of the teachers get together for staff meetings to share new teaching methods and ideas.
Master classes, outside evaluations and performance opportunities

Master classes, outside evaluations and performance opportunities

As part of a top-quality music education, we invite other master teachers and performers from around the community to share what they’ve learned about their instrument and give our students constructive criticism and encourage them to reach their goals.

Optional, low-pressure performances give students the opportunity to perform many times so that they can become confident performers who are accustomed to dealing with performance jitters.
Music education is first; business is second – and separate!

Music education is first; business is second – and separate!

Beverly Milder is a music degreed professional, with a master’s degree in music education, which ensures that the school is guided by a focus on quality education.

Teachers at Milder Musical Arts work with students on an educational level, while the administrative staff takes care of scheduling, tuition, and any other extracurricular needs. This allows our teachers to focus on teaching and avoid the awkward distraction of payments and policies that independent teachers must deal with.