Milder Musical Arts Guidelines for Private Lesson Students 2016

When to Contact your Teacher:

  • Absences & late arrivals
  • Schedule issues- beginning September 1, 2016 (office completes fall schedule)
  • Assignments and education
  • Inclement weather concerns & questions

Each teacher has an e-mail (except Larisa) which is Your teacher will give you additional contact information which you will want to put in your phone. Most teachers accept texts.


When to Contact the Office:

  • Payments & Billing questions
  • Initial scheduling until September 1: after that, contact your teacher. 314.469.6646 Ext 13

Find more detailed information such as the yearly calendar on our website: []



Missed lessons for individual instruction: Contact your teacher directly regarding an absence.


  1. An individual instructor has reserved a weekly teaching time for your individual lesson(s), & students are expected at that appointment. Because faculty teaching is tightly scheduled, students must make every effort to be present and on time for all lessons. In deference to subsequent students, all lessons will end at the scheduled time.


  1. Even though many music schools do not offer any make-up lessons, our instructors do based on the following guidelines:


  • Make up lessons are not guaranteed
  • When cancelling 24 hours in advance, your instructor will put you on a priority make-up list & will contact you only when they have a time to offer, not when they receive your notification.
  • Makeup times are limited to the openings created when another student misses.
  • Teachers do their best to arrange make-up lessons but makeup lessons do not add up over subsequent quarters. (spring quarter does not carry over to summer, etc.)
  • If a student cancels or misses an agreed-upon make-up lesson, it will not be rescheduled.
  • Idea to use your time: a parent or another family member can take the scheduled lesson.


  1. Exception is made only for religious observance when student informs their teacher 1 week in advance.


  1. Hand Injury/Vocal Hoarseness: Students should attend lessons. Music material will be covered including theory, composers & sight-reading.


  1. Missed lessons due to student absences are not credited or refunded.


  1. In the event the instructor cancels a lesson, a make-up will be offered at a mutually convenient time.


  1. Inclement weather: Instructors make individual decisions about teaching on these days. Your teacher will notify you when they are canceling at least 2 hours before your scheduled lesson. If your teacher cancels, a make-up will be arranged. We do not follow public or private school cancelations.