Milder Student Awarded First Class Honors on RCM Exam

Cate Ohs

Cate Ohs, age 10, is entering the sixth grade at Saint Margaret of Scotland School in Saint Louis, MO. She began taking Music in Me classes at Milder Musical Arts in the summer of 2009. In June 2010, she began the Harmony Road class series with Ms. Sharon Strope Kuhn. The class continued together through April 2015, when they graduated from the Keyboard Musician series, which provided them with a strong foundation in music theory and piano performance, and included ear training, transposition, and music composition.

In the summer of 2015, Cate began private lessons with Ms. Yulia Rife. Under Ms. Yulia’s tutelage, Cate completed an exam through the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) on August 4, 2016. The RCM provides nationally recognized standards for evaluation and examinations by professional adjudicators. The Level 3 examination that Cate completed involved playing five different pieces from memory, a technical test, ear test, and sight reading. As a result of excellent instruction and diligent practice, Cate was awarded First Class Honors on her exam, with a score of 88. (The national average score for Level 3 in 2015 was a 79.) Cate is so very excited to continue with her study of music with Ms. Yulia and looks forward to more opportunities to grow as a musician.

Cate’s siblings, Evey (12), Ryan (4), and Mari (2), are also students at MMA. Evey began taking Music in Me classes in August 2007. She completed the Harmony Road – Keyboard Musicians series in December 2011. She has taken private lessons with Ms. Larisa since 2012. Ryan has taken lessons at MMA since 2012, and recently began the Harmony Road curriculum. Music class has been a regular part of Mari’s life since she was three weeks old. Mari looks forward to her music classes each week. The Ohs family is grateful for the joy that music classes at Milder Musical Arts have brought to their home.

Milder Musical Arts would like to thank Cate for her hard work and dedication, and congratulate her on this outstanding accomplishment! Way to go Cate!