Policies & Procedures


We are a YEAR-ROUND school:

  • SUMMER: Educationally, it is best to take breaks throughout the year instead of taking the summer off, so students continue classes and lessons throughout the summer. During summer classes, students progress through new material, makingsummer an integral part of our program. Summer scheduling is flexible to best accommodate busy family schedules. Teachers arrange for each student to have the total number of lessons for the hours needed.
  • FALL: The office will take care of the fall scheduling and will often revert back to the spring schedule. Your schedule may differ from your spring schedule because of siblings’ schedules, lessons extending to 45 minutes or if your teacher is a classroom teacher.
  • To request a Fall schedule change, please contact the office or download the form on our Private lesson page.

When/How to contact your teacher:

Call our Teacher Line: (314) 469-0077 for a list of detailed contact information for each teacher.

Contact your teacher directly regarding:

  • absences or late arrivals

  • Schedule issues
  • Assignments and education
  • Inclement weather concerns & questions

Tuition is due quarterly on Aug. 1st, Nov. 1st, Feb. 1st & May 1st each year:

We ask that all families sign up through the school for Automatic Payment through your Bank Account or Credit Card.

  • Class spaces are reserved as deposits/payments are received. If a class or your requested times for private lessons are filled, you will be notified and your payment returned.
  • Your materials deposit reserves your space and is applied toward books and materials.
  • Tuition is not refundable or transferable.
  • Monthly installmentsare accepted with autopay through your Bank Account and have the same 3 month commitment as paying quarterly.
  • Inform the office by the 25th of the month preceding quarterly tuition dates to cancel any scheduled automatic payments or to discontinue automatic payments. (July 25, October 25, January 25, April 25th)
  • 3% convenience fee for payments on a credit/debit card
  • $25 charge for returned checks and ACH payments due to insufficient funds
  • $25 re-enrollment charged when tuition is not received by the due date

Class Tuition includes:

  • Annual Class Festival Performance at Steinway Piano Gallery
  • Summer camp or Teacher arranged Summer event
  • Parent Orientation & Education at the beginning of the class program. (No students)

Private Lesson Tuition includes:

  • Fall Performance: Educational workshop with your own teacher. Family and friends welcome.
  • Private Spring Festival: All teachers and instruments (piano, voice and guitar) are combined for our most “formal” event. Family and friends welcome.

Missed Lessons or Classes: Make-up options:

Private Lessons: (please note; any parent or family member may take a scheduled lesson)

  • Notify teacher at least24 hours in advance >to be placed on a priority make-up list
  • Make-up lessons cannot be guaranteed
  • Make-up lessons are limited to the openings created when another student misses.
  • Teachers will contact you when they have an open time to offer
  • Teachers do their best to arrange make up lessons but they do not add up over subsequent quarters and Spring quarter does not carry over to summer. Missed lessons due to absence are not credited or refunded.
  • If a student cancels or misses an agreed-upon make-up lesson, it will not be re-scheduled
  • Religious holidays are always made-up when teacher is given a 1 week notice
  • Hand Injury: Students with a hand injury should still attend lessons.Lesson time can be spent working on theory, ear training or one-handed playing


  • If there is another class on the same level, students can make up if space permits and is arranged by contacting your teacher.
  • Beginning classes have more options. Advanced students have fewer or no options available, because each class becomes more individualized and will not be in the same place.
  • Teachers arrange how to get the assignments to you after the student misses a class. Some instructors have assignments on Google Drive. Contact your teacher for more information.

Closings for Inclement Weather:

Every effort will be made to avoid canceling classes due to inclement weather.

  • Each instructor makes an individual decision about teaching on these days. Your teacher will notify you when they are cancelling at least 2 hours before your scheduled lesson/class.
  • Check your teacher’s line or contact your teacher
    2 hours before to find out if class is canceled. Remember, each teacher makes his/her own decision whether or not to teach so the office is not the point of contact for this issue.
  • If your teacher cancels a make-up will be arranged


Classes first, then private lessons

Students in singing and keyboard classes receive a well-rounded, holistic music education. They are exposed to the foundation and language of music before beginning private lessons. This keeps the student motivated and is a wonderful preparation for private lessons in any instrument. When the class teacher recommends that the student is ready for private lessons, a new teacher (not the class teacher) will be selected based on the class teacher’s input.


  • An adult is asked to come to 5 min. of each weekly class so that they can practice with students at home.
  • Children learn best when our classes are followed by a variety of music in the home.

New Students:

New students might take several weeks to adjust to the classes.

Special Needs:

We teach students of all abilities.

Discipline Issues:

Any continued disruption by one affects all in our classroom setting. We reserve the right to ask parents to withdraw their child from the program if conditions warrant.


Beginners may use a keyboard (5 octaves, 60 full size keys) which can be purchased at stores such as Sam’s Club or Best Buy. One to two years is the maximum to play on a keyboard.

Intermediate and advanced class students are required to have a piano or digital keyboard (touch sensitive keys and pedals) so that they can practice dynamic variance and pedaling at home. We recommend Steinway Piano Gallery.