Piano/Voice Lessons

Singing and Playing piano

Piano & Voice Lessons in St. Louis for All Ages

Because our voice teachers are trained in both voice and piano, students have the option of taking a piano/voice combination lesson.

Piano lessons help reinforce the ear training done in voice lessons while vocal techniques help to bring expression to piano playing. Each instrument reinforces the musical concepts learned from the other.

Students can take traditional piano lessons and voice lessons during their schedule or choose to take a voice lesson and learn accompaniment styles on the piano. Or even a combination!

Milder has developed a specific program for chord training and accompaniment styles for students to learn “comping.” The voice sings the melody and words while the piano provides the accompaniment without duplicating the melody. Students learn to read a “lead line” with the melody and chord symbol.

As you listen to your favorite singers you will begin to notice that the melody is in the voice and not in the orchestra, band or piano providing the accompaniment. The melody is never duplicated so that the voice can be heard as the primary instrument.

We have students who are just 9 years old who accompany themselves on the piano while singing with a microphone. It is quite impressive.

This course was developed by Milder Musical Arts and is exclusive to MMA!

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