Voice Lessons


Voice Lessons in St. Louis for all Ages.  It’s never too late to start!

Having a beautiful voice alone is not enough to sing well. Our goal is to develop musically educated singers. We assist students with how to sing well so they can keep their voices healthy for many years.

We focus on these basic areas:

  • Vocal techniques
  • Breathing techniques
  • Sight singing, ear development, music reading, and repertoire
  • Musicianship skills during the voice lessons and at home
  • Singing music from all periods, including Classical, Broadway, and Contemporary repertoire
  • Foreign language development for experienced students

Learning to sing well is only part of voice lesson training; learning about music is the other important component. We help develop an accurate sense of hearing (ear training), teach how to sight sing (singing a piece of music the student has not previously seen or heard) and focus on learning to read music. Students typically sing from the following categories: classical, popular and musical theatre. It is important for voice students to develop a library of music suited to their particular voice type.

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