“Dear Larisa, all three of our children have been taking lessons for a number of years now, and as you well know enforcing the discipline of daily practice is not always easy.

Yet this weekend, as I sat in awe watching and hearing them play, I was both proud and happy. Proud to have had the joy of watching all three of them evolve to the point where they can perform classical pieces in front of a live audience and do so well.

Happy because this is a true gift of which they will continue to enjoy and share with others for the rest of their lives. I know you have played a key role in their musical lives. You’ve nurtured them, you’ve challenged them, you’ve cajoled them, and you’ve shown them you care for them.

They could not have been luckier and I cannot imagine a better piano teacher. Thank you for continuing to enrich our family.”

-Joe C.




“Dear Larisa, being your student for the past three years has been wonderful. You have played a very crucial part in my musical career. No one can explain the magic and joy that goes on when we close the door and begin the lesson. I have cherished every minute that we have spent together. You have made my piano lessons wonderful and fun, and of course, full of learning. I remember the first recital I had with you, and I was really nervous and scared. But when you reassured me, I felt much better. You not only taught me valuable lessons such as how to play scales and giving me some Waltz or Concerto, the most wonderful gift you have me was your love and friendship. I am so glad that I got to spend three fun, important, and wonderful years with you, and hopefully there are many more to come. Not only is your teaching style very unique, your love, patience, and kindness mixes in with that and makes you the extraordinary teacher that you are. I have a feeling that there will never be a teacher that has played such a large role in my life.

I just wanted to thank you for all of those great moments we have shared and it was a pleasure to have been your student.”

-Lisa L.




“My children both started at Milder Musical Arts at 18 months of age. My daughter is now a senior and my son is a sophomore in high school. Between the two, they take piano, guitar and voice. I highly recommend the school to any parent interested in a serious musical education provided in a joyful, nurturing environment. The program is solid and the teachers are amazing.

Beverly has a gift for recognizing and hiring teachers. These are not simply musicians who teach for some extra cash. They are trained, talented professionals who are passionate about music and have the skills to pass it on to their students. Through the years and many conversations in the waiting area, I have always been amused that everyone wants to keep their teacher. I will even admit to being concerned when a teacher change was necessary due to an out-of-state move or maternity leave. I have never been disappointed and neither have my children! Milder Musical Arts is worth it!”

-Danielle Morgenthaler



“I was a very shy 3 year old when I started music with Beverly. And I was a proud piano and voice student for 15.5 years. Wow! Now, decades later, I’m so excited to be back with my 3 year old and 18 month old. Music Together is what started it all for me – a life full of learning through song. And now I get to teach my children the same. Love this school, the musical education that is provided, the incredible teachers, and of course, Beverly!”

-Stevie T.



“Both of my girls love(d) studying music at Milder Musical Arts. They started with the Harmony Road classes in Kindergarten and later moved to private piano/voice lessons. My older daughter stayed with the program until graduating from High School. My 7th grade daughter is taking private piano/voice lessons. We have worked with many teachers over the years, and they all are wonderful. The teachers at Milder Musical Arts have given my daughters an outstanding music education.”

-Kathy S.



“I found Milder Musical Arts back in 1998 when I moved to the St. Louis area. I was thrilled to be hired as a music teacher. I love sharing the joy and love of music with all my students here. What a great place to belong! Now, my own children are benefiting from both the Group class and Private lesson experience at Milder Music. They love their teachers and have learned so much.”

-Jane V.



“We started with Milder with the Music Together program and have since participated in Music Together Big Kids and now Junior Jammers. The group piano lesson format has been imperative for my daughter’s success. She loves being in a classroom environment with friends and I believe starting piano lessons this way has been the key to her success! I also appreciate that the theory of music is taught at such a young age!”

-Sarah S.



“Love Milder music school. We started with my son Theo over the summer when he was 10 months and he loves it! I’m so grateful for the teachers who are full of energy and bring so much life to each class.”

-Allie P.



“My boys are second-generation students at BMMA (I took voice lessons for years), and we absolutely love this school. The Music Together classes are so much fun, and we are constantly listening to the music and practicing at home and in the car. It is one of our favorite times together during the week!”

-Lauren C.



“When I first moved to St. Louis, I worked at Milder Musical Arts. Not only was it a great place to teach, but it is a great place to learn. As a music teacher at Holy Redeemer Catholic School, I apply many of the techniques I learned from Beverly to my every day teaching. This is a great school and I highly recommend it for your musical needs.”

-Joni L.



“While under the instruction of his teacher at Milder Musical Arts, my child has progressed from a young boy to a young man who is a confident composer and performer.”


“This school is unmatched in its ability to encourage and competently teach piano, both theory and technique.”


“We will always be grateful to this school for instilling a lasting love and delight for music in our son.”


“The gift of music that Milder Musical Arts has given to my children is invaluable and I am so grateful!”


“Thank you for the opportunity for my granddaughter to participate in this program. (Music Together) We feel that it has been a significant influence in her development as a child.”