Toddler Tunes (1-3 years)

Toddler Tunes

Toddler Tunes provides you and your child with an opportunity to experience musical concept through “hands on” music activities.

In each class you will experience and share:

  • Movement and Rhythms
  • Activity songs for body awareness
  • Songs to sing
  • Playing small percussion instruments
  • Activities with manipulatives
  • Listening Activities

Singing activities encourage melodic development.  Developing a feeling for the music is important – most toddlers are not ready to sing all the words, don’t worry, that is not the purpose!  Sing with your toddler in class, at home, and listen and sing along with your CD.  Toddlers gradually pick up lyrics – but most important is the opportunity to hear and experience melody, feel musical expression, and enjoy activities suggested by the lyrics.

We find that children who start in the toddler program become our most musical students.  Music develops as a natural part of their life and they are very comfortable with singing, playing an instrument, feeling rhythm, and composing/arranging music!  It is as natural as talking!

*In an effort to foster music in the home, we are offering discounts for each additional child that you enroll in this program. The first child is full tuition and an additional sibling is reduced.

This is a 10 week course.

Costs are pro-rated when entering in the middle of a session. Costs include tuition & music materials including Songbook and CD

When tuition is received enrollment is processed and commitments are made, at that time, tuition becomes non refundable and non transferable. Please note that teachers are subject to change.

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